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Hello and welcome to the Lumen Sanctum website, a closed species created by Arunyi.Lumen Sanctum are more than characters - they serve as in real-life guardian angels to their owners. Each Lumen is bound to a Spell that aids its owner. Navigate the website to learn more about Lumen Sanctum.Thank you for your visit!

✧ Lumen Sanctum are released monthly.
✧ Currently there are no on going events.

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Lumen Sanctum batch release

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Do you seek the help of angels?
Lumen Sanctum are divine protectors, each one with their own ability or power. They will guide and protect their owner as a personal guardian angel.

Lumen Sanctums are guardian angels, inspired by biblical and mythological figures. There are three rarities of Sanctums called Spheres. Each Sphere has three sub-types of Sanctums (most to least rare):

◆ First Sphere (Rarity: ⟡⟡⟡)

  • Seraphim

  • Cherubim

  • Ophanim

◆ Second Sphere (Rarity: ⟡⟡)

  • Dominions

  • Virtues

  • Powers

◆ Third Sphere (Rarity: ⟡)

  • Principalities

  • Archangels

  • Angels

✧ 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕥𝕤

All Lumen Sanctums have Wings, a Halo and Relics. These traits manifest differently in each Sphere, aswell as some other unique traits.

◆ Wings

Each Sanctum has Wings that can be anywhere on their body. Each Sphere has its own number of Wings:

First Sphere3 pairs of Wings
Second Sphere2 pairs of Wings
Third Sphere1 pair of Wings

◆ Halos

Each Halo has a Sigil which is bound to a Spell*, unique to each Sanctum. Additonally, each Sphere has a specific type of Halo:

  • First Sphere: Ornamented Halo, behind head

  • Second Sphere: Simple Halo, behind head

  • Third Sphere: Simple Halo, top of head

◆ Relics

A Relic is an object that the Sanctums use as a catalyst of their powers or abilities. Each Sphere has a set number of Relics:

SanctumRelics ownedRelic type
Seraphim3 Relicsone of the Relics is a musical instrument
Cherubim3 Relicsone of the Relics is a pentacle
Ophanim3 Relicsone of the Relics is a globe
Dominions2 Relicsone of the Relics is a scepter
Virtues2 Relicsone of the Relics is a chalice
Powers2 Relicsone of the Relics is a weapon
Principalities1 Relic-
Archangels1 Relic-
Angels1 Relic-

◆ Eyes

Lumen Sanctum's pupils are a sparkle of light.

◆ Other Traits

Besides the base traits, each sub-type of Lumen Sanctum has a characteristic that makes them unique!

Seraphimhave eyes on different body parts, eyes on the face are covered
Cherubimcan embody an animal, do not have human legs
Ophanimdo not have human feet/legs
Dominionscontrol natural phenomena or weather
Virtuescontrol elements or nature
Powerswarriors, specialized in a combat type
Principalitiescan perform time magic
Archangelscan create something out of thin air
Angelscan perform alchemy/transmutations

Second and Third Sphere have human bodies while the First Sphere has certain body modifications (animal traits, missing or displaced body parts, etc)

◆ Names

Each Lumen Sanctum is inspired by a religious or mythological figure, whose name is given to the Lumen.
Keeping the name is not mandatory and the owner can freely chose their Lumen's name.

✧ 𝕊𝕡𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕤

Lumen Sanctum are more than adoptables or original characters - they come with something very special! Each Lumen Sanctum is cast with a Spell related to their power or ability. The Spells are cast in real life and the Sigils on the Sanctum's Halo is used as a seal.

  • First Sphere: have an existing sigil

  • Second Sphe: have a sigil inspired on an existing one

  • Third Sphere: own an original sigil created by me

The higher the rarity, the stronger the Spell.

Disclaimer: Spells are not supported scientifically and there is a high chance they will not "manifest". Perhaps, you might not believe in spells either! Whether the spells work or not, allow the Lumen Sanctum to be a symbol of strength or support in times of need.

Spells can be removed but not changed. If you want me to remove a spell from a Sanctum you own, pelase contact me.

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Find all the Lumen Sanctums here! Clic on each one to see additional info or purchase.

◆ First Sphere ⟡⟡⟡

◆ Seraphim

◆ Cherubim

◆ Ophanim

◆ Second Sphere ⟡⟡

◆ Dominions

◆ Virtues

◆ Powers

◆ Third Sphere ⟡

◆ Thrones

◆ Archangels

◆ Angels

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Art of Lumen Sanctum. Clic for credit!
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✧ 𝔽.𝔸.ℚ.

Q: Can I change the name of a Lumen Sanctum?
A: Yes. Please contact me so I can update the reference sheet and Spell with the name you chose.

Q: Can I make changes on the design?
A: You can change hairstyle, outfit, body type, colors, etc. You may not change the basic traits of the sub-type. For more drastic changes, please contact me for approval!

Q: Can you remove a Spell from a Lumen Sanctum?
A: Yes! Please contact me to remove a spell.

Q: Can you change a Spell?
A: At the moment, Spells can not be changed, only removed.

Q: Can I trade/sell/gift?
A: You may gift and trade a Lumen Sanctum. You can re-sell for the same amount you purchased it. You may not sell at a higher price even if it has extra art.

Q: Can I use a Lumen Sanctum commercially?
A: It depends - Please contact me for more information.

Q: Will you make MYO/customs?
A: At the moment I am working on building the Lumen Sanctum species and community. Once the community or interest grows, I will anounce MYOs or customs.

Q: Can I co-own a Lumen Sanctum with someone else?
A: Yes.

✧ 𝕆𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘

Lumen Sanctum work as real-life guardian angels.For their power to work, Lumen require attention to some degree.
Sometimes the user might not be able to find the time to get the dedication for their guardian angel but worry not! You can make them an offering here.
If you want to thank your Lumen Sanctum for their service you can make an offering aswell.
Choose bellow what to offer your Lumen Sanctum.Visualize them as you pick what you want to offer.

The object you pick might impact the Lumen's power - ask yourself, what would they like to receive?

Thank you for your offer.

Come back soon!

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